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If you aren’t successful, neither are we.  With a team that consists of analytic nerds, extroverted creatives, dedicated designers and charismatic business leaders, we’re ready to serve your digital marketing goals.  Sassy Girl Media, LLC  was born in 2015  after 7 years of  creating a thriving e-commerce store,  and an overflow of “freelance” requests to do what we did for ourselves for others.  That’s when we decided to build a digital marketing agency- and a culture.




Meet Deanna Fusillo, Founder

You all know the definition of insanity? Right?
Doing the same thing over + over, and expecting a different result.

This was my relationship with the corporate world.Deanna Fusillo Sassy Girl Media Digital Marketing Agency Youngstown Ohio

I would get a job, love the paycheck and hate the work.

Well, not “hate”, but no matter what industry I was in and how many zero’s were on my paycheck –
I was never truly fulfilled… satisfied… or happy… something was always missing.

Then one day I was forced with the reality of balancing a family as a single mom and being present or continuing to climb the corporate later.

The decision was easy for me, I left my corporate job to pursue entrepreneurship and be home for boys more. The business grew and shortly after I began helping other women do the same thing.

After A LOT of self-reflection (and 7 years later) I discovered some things;
The one job I loved and was at long-term was helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

And so Sassy Girl Media began. 
An agency built on supporting and empowering  women in business planning + creative marketing.
An agency encouraging mompreneurs to live their dream and balance all the things.

But don’t worry men, I love working you guys too!

If you’re ready to grow your business, you’ve come to the right place! 


Deanna Fusillo Sassy Girl Media